1994+ Ram 1500 Lift Kit 2" 2WD Made in USA 'Road Fury' Steel Coil Spring Spacers (Set of 2)


SKU: CS1BK20-023 American Automotive

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Road Fury high-performance suspension lifts by American Automotive are made of US carbon steel and made in America. High-quality, better steel produce stronger, better fitting and more impressive looking lifts. Road Fury gives your truck a more imposing stance and the extra clearance needed to fit larger tires and custom wheels. You will be proud to install our product on your vehicle and once installed, our product will outlast your truck. All Road Fury bolt-on product works with stock suspension and is easy to install. Prime mill certified and heat treated, our material is tougher than Chinese aluminum, cast, polyurethane, imitation alloy and other steel product. We pride ourselves on our product, especially our performance series, and so will you.