How to Optimize your Vehicle's Suspension

How to Optimize your Vehicle's Suspension

Melissa Salas

Owning a lifted vehicle is not something anyone can do or handle. Owners of lifted vehicles know that making these adjustments can change your riding experience. That’s why most people look for ways to optimize their lifted vehicles. There are many ways to do so. Optimizing, tweaking, and making adjustments can improve your on and off road handling. In order to make the best of your overall riding experience, use the below tips and recommendations!



Adding Aftermarket Parts

A beginner's flaw can be thinking that after lifting your vehicle, there is no need to make any more adjustments or additions of parts. It’s important to pay attention to your vehicle’s structure and how it affects your ride, not only the aesthetic. Lifting your car can affect your vehicle’s ride quality, stability, and handling. If you are looking to improve those factors, then you should probably listen to these suggestions!

  • Swapping out your shocks
  • Steering Stabilizers
  • Upgrade your brakes
  • Modify the Chassis
  • New Leaf Springs

First of all, swapping out your shocks is one of the most common methods that people use to optimize their lifted vehicles. Upgrading your shocks to ones more compatible to your lifted ride can make all the difference in attaining the ride quality you desire. 

Second, investing in a steering stabilizer can be a decision you would never regret. Steering stabilizers are an exceptional aftermarket part that can really revamp your steering. They can help reduce any type of steering lag or other performance issues that can occur when you install a lift kit. Upgrading with a more performance base stabilizer can help your lifted vehicle achieve a superior steering stability. It reduces any steering issues after lifting your vehicle.

Third, a tip that one may want to consider is upgrading your brakes, especially if you installed larger tires. If you’re still using your original, standard brakes on a larger tire, this can make it burdensome for your vehicle to have the same braking power. Upgrading your brakes can be the answer you are looking for.

Next, a recommendation that is less known but still effective is modifying the chassis. In a large and heavy truck, the components that connect your tires can affect your steering ability and driving quality. That smooth ride some people want can be impacted. Modifying the chassis can help you achieve the comfort. For example, If the parts are incredibly stiff, there won't be as much flexibility under the vehicle for the suspension to soften out the abrupt movement and imbalance inflicted by potholes and other occurrences throughout your ride. 

Lastly, a simple solution that can make all the difference is simply getting new leaf springs. These little ones can be the solution to your big problem. You can find ones that fit your vehicle here


How to Optimize your Vehicle's Suspension


Get a Comprehensive Lift Kit

The easiest answer to optimize your vehicle without having to do any A/B testing or mechanical experiments is to simply buy a comprehensive lift kit. One may be tempted to purchase specific lift kits and slowly upgrade your car, but the fastest way to avoid issues and optimize your vehicle cleanly is buy starting off with a full lift kit.  

All in all everything is up to the user and what driving experience they are seeking to attain. If you still need assistance with improving your suspension performance, contact us today to learn more. Check out our lift kits and other parts at American Automotive today! 

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