Vehicle Lift Kits Guide: What’s the Right Lift Height for You?

Vehicle Lift Kits Guide: What’s the Right Lift Height for You?

Melissa Salas

Wanting to lift your vehicle and not sure what height would work best for you? Rest easy, this guide will give you tips and insights that will help you decide on the right lift height for you! Lift kits come in all kinds of sizes and lift options. There is not only one way or specific product that is used to lift a vehicle, but a wide variety. Considering these options will be an essential step in deciding. If you have specific lift height in mind and are not sure whether it’s too much or too little, then read on and get illuminated!

  • Make & Model Compatibility

  • In order to choose the right height for your lift, one must first start with the basics. Before you start fantasizing on a specific lift height you want for your vehicle, one must first check the make and model of the vehicle. This may seem like an obvious step, but different makes and models come with limitations or their own suspension requirements and specifications. Due to their design and capacities, one must always check the compatibility before investing and installing a lift kit.  

  • Driving Purpose & Destination

  • Secondly, one must consider the way you plan to use your vehicle. Lift kits are meant to give your vehicle the desired extra height. They give your vehicle more ground clearance. The amount of clearance needed depends on the activities you plan to achieve. For example, if you plan to be using your lifted vehicle in the streets for everyday errands or getting to and from work, then a lift kit with a low height might work best for you. If you just want an increased height, but want to maintain the original ride quality, then stick to a kit with a smaller lift.

    If you plan to use your lifted vehicle off-road, or venturing outdoors over different terrains, then a larger lift kit might be best for you. Having a bigger lift will increase ground clearance for the different formations you plan to travel on. High lifts provide many advantages for off-road use, including greater approach, breakover, and departure angles.

  • In Need of Larger Tires?

  • A reason why a lot of people lift their vehicles may be connected to a reason one may forget to consider. Tires. Many people want lift kits so that they can have room for bigger tires. If this is something you plan to invest in, then you may be set to go with a large lift kit. All depends on your wants and needs. If you dream of driving off with massive tires, then your lift height must rise. If you want to lift your vehicle without having to change or increase the size of your tires, then a smaller lift will be ideal for you. 


    What is the optimal lift height for your vehicle?

  • How Much are You Willing to Invest?

    Lifting your vehicle can get expensive, especially if you're the type who goes all out with the customization. Another aspect that people may want to consider before deciding their lift height is their budget. As one may guess, the smaller the height, the more economical, the higher the height, the more pricey. For example some high lifts may require additional modifications and components. Small lifts won’t need extreme modifications and are generally easier to install. 

  • Driving Experience You Desire

  • If you have an accustomed height or feel to your vehicle that you want to maintain or not drive too far off of, then that should be something you would like to think thoroughly about when deciding the lift for you. Generally, it’s best to start with a short lift when starting out, especially if you are new to this. For example, start off with a 2 inch lift to see how that feels and if it’s what you're comfortable with. If you are able to handle the changes then you can always upgrade to a larger lift kit later. All depends on the driving experience you wish to have. 

  • Local & State Law Regulations

  • One thing one mustn't forget is that the lift height may not always be up to you. One must first investigate your local and state laws before deciding. Depending on the states or cities in which you reside, there may be laws regarding the vehicle suspensions and height limits. For example, in California, if your truck weighs 4,500 pounds, the maximum frame height is 27 inches according to the state’s website. Make sure to check out your local city and state's websites for more information. 

  • Time to analyze!

  • Hopefully this guide got your brain working. Now that you know the basics of what you need to consider, you can start processing the information you need in order to make your decision. Consider the external factors and your ideals to come up with the optimal lift height for you! For more information, contact us to learn more. Check out lift kits and other parts to customize your ride at American Automotive today! 

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